Conrad-American/Eaton manufactures different models of tall tanks, which are bins made with stiffeners to carry the vertical load of grain down to the concrete foundation.

Stiffened tanks are available in 18’ through 90’ diameters. All models are available with three (3) stiffeners per sidewall sheet and certain models are available with two (2) stiffeners per sidewall sheet. Conrad-American/Eaton stiffened tall tanks are manufactured with high strength, high tensile steel for long life and durability and out weight most tanks on the market.

Side-draw unloading is available with the proper wind band and baffle installation in Conrad-American/Eaton stiffened tall tanks. A new heavy 2-ring walk door (“Big Brute”) is available in certain models. A flat lid is available on stiffened tall tanks for convenient spout loading with a regular dome lid available for standard loading.

Conrad-American/Eaton has been manufacturing commercial grain storage units for the past 45 years and we take pride in producing a quality product at a fair market price.

Please contact the sales department at Conrad-American/Eaton with any questions concerning stiffened tall tanks and accessories.